If you have headphones, check the volume levels before hitting play on this video - if they're too high, you might have some hearing damage.
The Ferrari FXX, 599XX and FXX-K are arguably some of the most powerful and impressive vehicles to come from the Italian manufacturer, and that's not to mention how exclusive they are. As part of the marque's Corse Clienti program, you can "own" one of these vehicles, but they are kept at the Maranello headquarters and can only be driven during scheduled Corse Clienti days. And when those days happen, the noise of these engines draws quite the crowd. WorldSupercars was at one of the most recent events, camera in hand, and captured a few photos and minutes of footage, posted to Facebook July 5 and YouTube July 6, of the three XX monsters warming up their engines together. They're all impressive cars, but your eyes just linger on the FXX-K; it looks like its ready to rip your head off, and it sounds like it is, too. "Sadly I had no earplugs," describes the video's caption, "And so my ears were bleeding at the end." It's the stuff of both dreams and nightmares in one package.

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(Source: Facebook, YouTube via Carbuzz)

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