The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC Sedan is the most affordable E-Class model, but that didn't doesn't mean it isn't brimming with luxury, performance and the German styling we all know and love. In fact, for the suggested MSRP of $52,650, this model will have you rolling in high-end luxury you'd expect in a car worth twice as much.

Quite the Looker

On the outside, the E250 is a fantastic looking car. It has styling that will most certainly catch eyes on the road or in a parking lot, as is the case with every Mercedes model. Adding to the exterior styling of the car we spent some time with were the optional 17-inch wheels, lowered sport suspension and sport body styling featured in the 321 Sport Package.

Apps Really Do Help

Inside, the luxury continued. The optional P01 Premium 1 Package added the COMAND® System in the console, heated front seats, split-folding rear seats, a power rear-window shade, power-folding mirrors and a camera. With the system, I found myself checking the weather and traffic on a regular basis, which was helpful as I live in Florida's most densely populated county. When you combine a lot of people with a lot of rain, you get a lot of accidents.
The seats were comfortable, as you would expect from any Mercedes vehicle. Even though the E250 isn't the largest in size from the outside, it was spacious enough for all passengers.

Diesel Power

Being a BlueTEC, this E250 was equipped with a 2.1-liter four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine. This engine is incredibly efficient, holding an average mpg rating of 28 city and 42 highway. That being said, horsepower is rated at 195, while torque sits at 369 lb-ft. The added torque is expected from a diesel engine. When the throttle was open, the car was responsive. While it may not be as fast as an AMG model, it was peppy enough- this is a luxury cruiser, not a sports car.


When all things are considered, the 2015 E250 BlueTEC Sedan is everything I expected: luxurious, reasonably priced and quick. Additionally, this is the least expensive way to get your hands on an E-Class. What's not to love?
Be sure to check out your local Mercedes-Benz dealer to see one for yourself.

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