Few people have had a chance to see the 488 GTB in person, and fewer still have seen it from the driver's seat, but thanks to a new feature on Ferrari's website, you can see it from a few entirely new angles.

See From 3 Perspectives

Click the button above, and you'll find yourself on a specially created page from Ferrari's website. If you hit play, the video will start, with three buttons on top of the screen allowing you to choose which perspective you watch from.

Start to finish, you can watch this 660 hp Ferrari fly through the Fiorano test track from the "Driver View," "Track View" or "Rear View." The first puts your perspective between the driver's and passenger's seats, the second sits at the front of the hood, just a few inches above the track, while the third is from a car behind the 488 GTB.

The only way this digital experience could be any better is if it can incorporate your custom design into the video. Of course, the footage is raw, straight from the track, but imagine watching the 488 GTB you created in their online configurator from these angles. No way you're not buying that car when the video ends.

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Check out the video above and let us know in the comments which vantage point was your favorite. If you can't quite wait for the 488 GTB but still want a Ferrari, be sure to take a moment and browse our exclusive listings at the button below.

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(Source: Ferrari)

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