In a press release issued earlier today, Shelby American announced the return of their most lethal Mustang: the Super Snake. Based on the new Mustang GT, this Mustang Super Snake for sale will pack more than 750 hp and offer an automatic transmission for the first time.
The supercharger gives the Snake a boost from Ford Performance, while the exhaust was designed by Alex Borla and the forged aluminum wheels by Weld Racing. At this level of power, we were expecting a solid rear axle, but Ford Performance suspension parts are utilized in order to keep the axles independent. This will help to make the car a formidable competitor on road courses and drag strips alike.

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Revisions to the automatic transmission to handle this power are not mentioned, but having an auto-box option opens the Super Snake to a much wider audience than before. As always, Shelby American cars are 50-state legal and serviceable at any Ford dealership. Only 300 units are planned annually, with pricing for the package starting at $49,995. We think Carroll would approve of such a mighty Mustang. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more Super Snake and Shelby updates.


(Source: Shelby American)

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