A slew of updates are coming to models from every class of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the 2016 manufacture year, ranging from power increases to newly added technologies, and their prices and release dates have been officially unveiled. Though most 2016 models have yet to be offered for sale, a June 12 release from the marque confirms that E-Class models and the AMG GT S have been available since April 14. The CLS models are next to go on sale, scheduled for mid-July with prices ranging from $66,900 for the CLS400, to $107,800 for the CLS63 4MATIC S AMG.

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There are a few changes that can be seen across every model, but most will receive class-specific updates. But, for all of them, five years of connected car services are included in the MSRP of every 2016 model, meaning each vehicle will have access to SiriusXM and mbrace Connect through 2020. Steel Grey and Palladium Silver have been removed from the exterior color options, while Selenite Grey metallic has been added as a new choice, while a remote start feature will be made available for the C-Class, CLA, GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS and S/Maybach models.
Mercedes-Maybach Pullman
Be sure to check out the table below to see each new model's MSRP and official on-sale date, then browse through our exclusive offerings of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and find a trusted dealer near you to pair you with your perfect model.

Mercedes-Benzs For Sale

Approx CY2015 on-sale date unless otherwise noted  MSRP*
C Sedan C300d 4MATIC (NEW) February 2016 TBA
C300 August $38,950
C300-4M August $40,950
C350e (Plug-In-Hybrid)(NEW) September – ZEV states only TBA
C450-4M Sport AMG (NEW) September TBA
C63 AMG August $64,700
C63 S AMG August $72,700
E Sedan E250 BlueTec April 14, 2015 $52,650
E250 BlueTec 4MATIC April 14, 2015 $55,150
E350 April 14, 2015 $53,100
E350 4MATIC April 14, 2015 $55,600
E400 April 14, 2015 $63,100
E400 4MATIC April 14, 2015 $65,600
E63 4MATIC S AMG April 14, 2015 $101,700
E Wagon E350 4MATIC April 14, 2015  $59,900
E63 4MATIC S AMG April 14, 2015 $104,300
E Coupe E400 April 14, 2015 $54,200
E400 4MATIC April 14, 2015 $56,700
E550 April 14, 2015 $60,300
E Cab E400 April 14, 2015  $62,250
E550 April 14, 2015  $68,700
CLS CLS400 mid-July $66,900
CLS400 4MATIC mid-July $69,400
CLS550 mid-July $74,100
CLS550 4MATIC mid-July $76,600
CLS63 4MATIC S AMG mid-July $107,800
S Sedan / Maybach S550e (Plug-In-Hybrid)(NEW) early August – Calif only until early August, then ZEV-state only $95,650
S550 early August $95,650
S550 4MATIC early August $98,650
S600 early August $169,050
S63 4MATIC AMG early August $143,250
S65 AMG early August $224,650
Mercedes-Maybach S600 (NEW) April 14, 2015  $189,350
S Coupe S550 4MATIC early August $121,550
S63 4MATIC AMG early August $163,150
S65 AMG early August $234,050
SL SL400 mid-July $85,050
SL550 mid-July $108,050
SL63 AMG mid-July $149,700
SL65 mid-July $217,550
SLK SLK300 (NEW) mid-July $47,000
SLK350 mid-July $59,200
SLK55 AMG mid-July $72,600
B B250e mid-October TBA
CLA CLA250 mid-October TBA
CLA250 4MATIC mid-October TBA
CLA45 4MATIC AMG mid-October TBA
smart Coupe (Gasoline) (NEW) September TBA
Coupe (Electric) early July (carryover MY15) TBA
GLA GLA250 mid-October TBA
GLA250 4MATIC mid-October TBA
GLA45 4MATIC AMG mid-October TBA
GLC GLC300 (NEW) mid-November TBA
GLC300 4MATIC (NEW) mid-November TBA
GLE GLE300d-4M (NEW) early August $52,500
GLE550e-4M (Plug-In-Hybrid) (NEW) early September – ZEV States only TBA
GLE350-4M (NEW) early August $53,600
GLE350 (NEW) early August $51,100
GLE400-4M (NEW) early August $64,600
GLE63 AMG (NEW) early August $99,950
GLE63 S AMG (NEW) early August $107,100
GLE Coupe GLE450-4M (NEW) early August TBA
GLE63 S AMG (NEW) early August TBA
G G550 mid-October TBA
G63 AMG mid-October TBA
G65 AMG (NEW) mid-October TBA
GL GL350-4M BlueTec early August $64,550
GL450-4M early August $66,200
GL550-4M early August $91,300
GL63 AMG early August $121,100
GT AMG GT S (NEW) April 14, 2015  $129,900

(Source: Mercedes-Benz USA)

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