It's a route so uncommonly traveled that Google Maps doesn't even have driving directions for it, but that's not stopping Mercedes-Benz or Mike Horn from a Switzerland to Pakistan road trip. Horn is what you might call a "professional adventurer." His first famous endeavor was completed in 2001, when he traveled, solo, around the entirety of the equator without the use of any motorized transport. Since then, he has set off on treks of all sorts, bringing a new perspective to different parts of the world.

"Mike Horn is often acknowledged as the greatest explorer of our time," describes his Facebook page. "His adventures extend the boundaries of human achievement." His current exploration is a trip from his hometown in Switzerland to the second highest mountain peak in the world, Pakistan's K2. Once at the mountain, Horn intends to climb it, and then ski down its technical faces, but to get to the mountain in the first place he requires some assistance for the rough terrain.

Mercedes-Benz shared a gallery of images from this first leg of the trip on their Facebook page June 10, as their G-Class truck has proven the ideal companion. Together they traversed Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan and China, finally arriving in Pakistan to begin the second part of their journey.

Check out the stunning images of this off-road adventure and be sure to follow Mercedes-Benz and Mike Horn for updates from this experience. In the meantime, find your own perfect off-road utility vehicle by hitting the button below.

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