The goldRush Rally has been around for only six years, but it has grown to be one of the world's premier automotive lifestyle rallies. Today, their seventh rally, goldRush Rally GR7EVEN, has started and we at duPont REGISTRY are proud to be media sponsors of the event. This rally started in San Diego, California and ends in Miami, Florida. It's quite the long trek, but every day on the road in this rally is worth it. The cars participating include exotic and luxury cars from all makes, including two Bugatti Veyrons, multiple Lamborghinis and Ferraris, a Lexus LFA and much more. Below you will find the schedule and pictures of some of the cars participating. Be sure to check back with us for updates on the rally as it progresses.

Rally Schedule

  • June 5th: San Diego, California
  • June 6th: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • June 7th: Sedona, Arizona
  • June 8th: Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • June 9th-10th: Austin, Texas (2 days)
  • June 11th: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • June 12th: Jacksonville, Florida
  • June 13th: Miami, Florida