Putting one Ferrari FXX K on a track is a sight to be seen. Put four FXX Ks on a track, and you create one of the most epic track days ever. And this is precisely what Ferrari did. During a private Ferrari Corse Clienti event at the Imola Circuit, Ferrari put four FXX Ks on the track and put on one heck of a show. In the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Marchettino today, you get a chance to hear the F1-esque scream of the car as it goes flat out and tears through the corners.

Additionally, Ferrari uploaded four pictures of the event to their Facebook page today, which can be viewed below. I would be lying if I said one of them isn't currently my wallpaper now. For those unfamiliar with just how insane the FXX K is, here is a quick recap from our December 3 article on the car's unveiling. "...the FXX-K is an 'uncompromised' take on the hybrid LaFerrari, and the 'K' in the name comes from the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) it utilizes. The power figures of the FXX K are rated at 1,035 hp and more than 663 lb-ft of torque, an increase over LaFerrari’s 950 hp. New features added to the internals of the FXX K include new camshafts, a modified valve train with mechanical tappets, redesigned intake manifolds and a modified exhaust system without silencers."


(Source: Facebook, YouTube)

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