Turbos are a great way to add power, but usually they are connected to exhaust pipes that safely vent the noxious fumes sat the rear bumper. In a video uploaded May 19 to their YouTube page, ScorchTV gives us a front row seat for a few wild highway runs from this year’s TX2K15. The owner of this twin turbo Corvette has no need for catalytic converters, mufflers or even down pipes for this insane build.

What's described as a 2,400 hp monster has only a few inches of pipe after the turbine, and in a nod to dragsters of the past, they are swept upwards, not unlike traditional zoomie headers. Without being choked by a full-length exhaust, the turbos are able to spin up instantly and provide brilliant flames of burning fuel. Horsepower of this magnitude can’t be controlled on the street, but it sure makes for an awe inspiring display. If you intend to drive your Corvette like this on the highway, watch John Hennessey do it correctly and under closed, supervised circumstances. The editors at duPont REGISTRY and Autofluence do not condone any illegal activities on the road, and remind you to not attempt to imitate or recreate anything you see above unless on a closed course with professional supervision. Be sure to always follow local traffic laws, and drive safely.
(Source: YouTube via Carbuzz)

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