If you have a driver's license, there has been at least one moment in your life when you've forgotten where you parked your car. It's likely there's also been at least one moment when you parked, the GPS directions cut off, and, at first, you still had no idea which building was the right one. Mercedes-Benz is looking to alleviate you of both those instances, and all it takes is the touch of a screen.

The new Mercedes-Benz app for the Apple Watch has been introduced by the marque, and a post on their Facebook page June 2 shares a few photos of the app in action. As their website describes, the MB Companion App has users choose their destination right on their Apple Watch, then door-to-door directions are initiated as it communicates with the Mercedes-Benz COMAND Online system. The watch provides walking directions to where your Mercedes-Benz is parked, and once you turn the car on, the directions are seamlessly passed to the vehicle's GPS. Once you arrive, the directions switch back to your watch, directing you right up to the door of wherever you are headed.

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The connected car market is growing at rapid rates, and the introduction of the Apple Watch is only increasing development further. As we covered in an April 27 article, Tesla, Audi and more have already completed and launched Apple Watch apps, and the options are only sure to increase.

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(Source: Mercedes-Benz, Facebook)

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