Items of use should also be beautiful, and beautiful items should also be of use. At least, that's part of the founding principal behind William Henry, one of America's most distinguished brands creating unique, exquisite pieces ranging from pocket knives, to money clips, cufflinks and more. Founded in 1997 by Matt Conable, William Henry began with the creation of its visually entertaining pocket knives, crafted from natural materials, precious metals, gemstones and state-of-the-art alloys. These same features and aspects became the jumping off point for an entire line of artisan-crafted jewelry for men, each created in small limited editions.
The BR3 CF from William Henry
Two such creations come in the form of the BR1L CF and BR3 CF bracelets, each made from sculpted sterling silver and inlaid with carbon fiber accents. Just from looking at each piece, you can tell that hours were spent hand-crafting each detail, the intricacies of which are endlessly fascinating. The first measures at a half-inch wide, with cross-shaped carbon fiber features connected by sterling silver links. This particular design is priced at $950 each. The second bracelet's carbon fiber features are more rounded, each sitting in an oval pendant, while the button lock clasp features an inset spinel on its stainless steel design. The metals used by William Henry are derived from the ancient arts of sword-making, and this historic root is heavily present in this $1,150 design. As the website describes, "every piece of this collection makes a bold, yet extremely refined statement, and speaks to a strong and masculine personality."
The BR1L CF from William Henry
To learn more about other pieces from the William Henry men's jewelry collection, be sure to visit their website at, where you can also browse their selections of cuff links, money clips, writing instruments and, of course, their pocket knife designs.

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