Looking to bring life back to your classic Porsche 911? Porsche Classic has just the thing for you. Announced in a press release issued today, Porsche Classic is now reproducing the dashboard of the classic 911 of model years 1969 to 1975.

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In creating the new dashboard, Porsche Classic re-engineered the original. It now consists of a "modern substructure and the original surface structure," according to the press release. Most importantly, this recreated dashboard features more modern materials, meaning it will hold up better when exposed to normal wear, high temperatures, humidity and solar radiation. 
This new recreated classic part can be ordered now from any Porsche center. It can only be installed by the original assembly procedure, which is extensive and involves removing the windshield. This is why Porsche recommends that it be installed by Porsche Classic partners that have trained experts in the matter. The press release states that the price in Germany for the part is 951.99 Euros, equating to $1,037 USD with today's current exchange rate.

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(Source: Porsche)

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