A collaboration between famed firearm manufacturer Spike's Tactical and Terradyne Armored Vehicles is one that will undoubtedly result in something jaw-dropping.
Recently, the two companies did, in fact, team up for a special edition Gurkha RPV. When Spike reached out to Terradyne to build a GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition they knew that the end result would be nothing short of a monster.

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The final RPV build is created around the Gurkha RPV Civilian Edition and consists of a blacked out exterior with matte black paint, 40.5" Michelin XZL tires, 2 + 3 seating configuration and GPS navigation, and it's powered by a 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine. And, because it is the special Spike's Tactical Edition, it includes some upgrades specific to the company, including a towing package, front winch, IR lights and an LED light bar package by Rigid Industries.
This monstrous vehicle is in line with high attention to detail and premium quality craftsmanship built into each Spike's Tactical firearm. If you live in Florida, you can witness this special edition Gurkha RPV Civilian Edition as it drives around the streets of the Sunshine State. For more information on Terradyne's incredible armored vehicles, visit TerradyneInc.com or click the button below.

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