The Felino cB7 recently underwent some testing at the PMG Technologies Test and Research Center, and the automaker has delivered an incredible video of the event to us.
In the video posted below, we can hear the ferocious 6.2-liter V8 that pumps out 525 hp and 489 lb-ft of torque. Mated to this engine is either a 6-speed manual transmission or the option sequential box, allowing the driver to properly control the car's power on the track. What's more, this car only weighs 2,403 lbs. When Felino designed the cB7, they wanted to create a vehicle that was satisfying on the track, with an equally satisfying price tag. With the entry-level model only costing $100,000, it looks as though they have done exactly what they set out to do.

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Only pre-production units of the car have been created so far, but a limited production series of the car is expected soon. Stay with us for more information on the Felino cB7, visit or follow their official Felino cB7 Facebook Page.