Back in March our friends at Brabus announced their intentions to unleash their engineers upon the new Mercedes-Benz S65. What resulted was christened the Brabus Rocket 900. You can read the full rundown of this powerhouse in our March 2 article, but, in short, by stroking the V12 from 6.0-liter to 6.3-liter and installing leviathan turbochargers, they created a 900 hp monster with 1,106 lb-ft of torque.

That level of power will shatter any transmission, so careful tuning is required to keep the 7 speed automatic alive. In a video uploaded to their YouTube page May 20, the Rocket 900 can be seen running through the gears on their chassis dyno. Like a madman in a straightjacket, the Rocket is barely restrained by the hold-downs.

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For the production versions, torque is dialed back to a “reasonable” 884 lb-ft. For approximately $390,000, you will have the most powerful production sedan ever built. Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article stated the original engine size was a 5.5-liter. It has since been edited to reflect the accurate size of 6.0-liters.


(Source: YouTube)

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