One of the defining characteristics of Mercedes-Benz's design philosophy is that their designs should be a lifestyle experience, rather than simply a driven one. Through the creation of their Mercedes-Benz Style label, they've partnered with companies from dozens of industries, including, most recently, Lufthansa Technik. The two have come together to create an entirely new concept for VIP airtravel, as explained in a press release issued by Daimler Media today. The interior cabin design concept eliminates the traditional idea of sectioning off a cabin's interior, creating a layout that spirals through the space instead.

Smooth, sleek and making fantastic use of contrasted dark and light tones, this concept includes space for ample seating, a full dinner table, large flat screen television and even, possibly, a built in fish tank. "Black Panels," as they are called, cover the windows and allow for electric dimming, ranging from near-complete transparency to completely opaque black. Electronic displays and touch screens can even be incorporated into the black panels, allowing for an experience similar to the interior of the F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept Vehicle.

Set for an official introduction at the 2015 European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva May 19-21, this concept truly takes the ideals of Mercedes-Benz Style and the know-how of Lufthansa Technik and creates a stunning interior that will make any trans-Atlantic flight something to look forward to.

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(Source: Daimler)

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