Just a few years before McLaren Automotive took the world of production supercars by storm, they created a special vehicle for the world with a little help from Mercedes-Benz. They result was the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren; there weren't many created, but there's no event quite like the Mille Miglia for drawing them out en masse. An annual Italian tradition that reenacts the original 1,000 mile race from Rimini, Italy to Rome, the Mille Miglia attracts drivers and classic designs from around the world, as their website explains. YouTuber Babylon Car Video was on hand at the beginning of the race to capture one particularly beautiful grouping of vehicles.

Uploaded to YouTube May 13 is Babylon Car Video's footage of the SLR Club at the beginning of their trek, starting in a quiet town and moving on to winding roads and stone tunnels. They also shared a few photos of the stop on their Facebook page the same day.

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Be sure to give the photos and video below a good look to see more than one variant of the SLR McLaren, then browse through our exclusive SLR McLaren listings and see if you can't find one for your own collection.


(Source: Facebook, YouTube, 1000Miglia.eu)

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