Though it is a storied brand with 109 years of history, Rolls-Royce has been able to remain timeless through constant reinvention, and their newest release is a testament to that fact. In reinventing their history, the marque is calling back to one of their rarest creations, the 1952 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn. As a press release issued May 12 introducing the vehicle describes, the name "Dawn" was used between 1949 and 1954 on only 28 examples. The original Silver Dawn was the first car from the marque to be offered with a factory-built body, and each of the 28 was built to order for individual customers.

Though no new images have been released of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, its name carries much promise for a new chapter in the company's design. "It is languid and beautiful, fresh and fragrant and awakens the passion of your life," describes the release. "New life, new possibilities, fresh horizons - a tingling, anticipatory ambience in the air - all signified by a new Dawn."

It is described as sensuous and exciting, visceral and beguiling, the type of drophead ready for a day in the sun. We hope that much of the original Silver Dawn's design is present in this new model; the styling of a rare and classic Rolls-Royce is very difficult to improve upon, but if anyone can bring a design from the 1950s in to the 21st century, Rolls-Royce can.

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This is the second new model the British luxury manufacturer has announced they are creating in 2015; the first has been dubbed "Project Cullinan" and was announced Feb. 18, when white gloved chauffeurs delivered envelopes to many of the world's largest newsrooms.

Be sure to stay with us for more updates about this new model ahead of its anticipated release in the first quarter of 2016, and take a moment to browse our exclusive Rolls-Royce listings to find the perfect classic for your collection.

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