As if the Bugatti Veyron wasn't already luxurious enough, Itay Malkin Jewelry have created a bespoke diamond key for the French hypercar. This 18K white gold key fob for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc is encrusted with 10ct pave black diamonds that turn it into one of the most luxurious keys ever. It's a fitting key for such an exclusive car. Only 30 Super Sports were ever created and this is the only Pur Blanc in existence. If you scroll down further, you can even see this car his a top speed of 246.6 mph. To take it even further, the key fob is attached to a chain that consists of 150ct of black bead-cut diamonds. While this is a bespoke creation, Itay Malkin can create your very own, customized key.
The jeweler offers a wide range of options for custom keys. This includes keys in platinum, rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. Additionally, you can pick from natural diamond of all colors for your new key. To learn more about the key, visit And to request a price, be sure to contact them by clicking the button below.

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