This is not an off-road toy for the feint of heart. Nor is this a cart for someone who just wants to golf. This is for the person who actively seeks a challenge in life, and will acquire whatever means are necessary to surmount that impassable impasse. This is the cart for a duPont REGISTRY reader.

Starwood Motors is the brand to turn to when you want to take the world's most powerful machines and make them impeccably strong, quite literally, bulletproof. This 2014 Polaris Ranger Crew 6x6 from them is no exception to their Kevlar creations. With a 3 cylinder diesel engine, a speedometer that goes up to 70 mph, four powerful speakers blaring out the back and 34x10-15 Terminator Tires tires ready for any terrain, this is the type of vehicle you want when you have no clue what's in store next.

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There's room for yourself and three passengers to sit comfortably, as well as a flat bed in the back to throw in whatever equipment you may need for where your excursions will take you, and once you get there, set up the custom sound system and provide enough power to host a private concert. Just make sure your passengers are out of the back seat before turning them on.

With a gloss black Kevlar coating finish, you know this off-roader is resistant to and ready for any condition. To see the full price and information, be sure to visit by hitting the button below.

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