When it comes to long distance travel, there are few modes of transportation better equipped for long-term luxurious comfort than Lexani Motorcars' converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. And now, more than ever before, you can truly "have it all" in your Sprinter thanks to their new "Grazia" Sprinter Conversion. "Who doesn't need a gold-plated Transformer?" asked the press release issued today that outlines the details of this newest creation. Its remarkable beauty rivals the finest hotel rooms, with plush leather and light, fine-grain wood adorning each corner. A case holds champagne flutes next to the iPad Air II and Control4 touch screen control system, held in place by 24 karat gold hardware and the custom designed wood casings found throughout.

But one of the most notable features of the Grazia comes in the form of the back bench, or rather, back bed. The rear seating area is fully convertible, and can either act as three bench seats with plenty of space, or, with the flick of a button, can extend to the size of a double mattress. ' This is the combination of purposes makes this an ideal vehicle for, say, a political candidate heading out on the campaign trail. With bench seating up and the center seats rotated to face the rear, the back becomes the perfect space for an on-the-go meeting or screening room, with a stunning 50" Samsung 4K television capable of acting as a visual aid. Once the meeting is over and it's time to head to the next spot on the trail, hang your suit up in the rear closet space and pull the bed down for some quick, comfortable shut eye.

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There are countless other options that can be included in your own conversion sprinter from Lexani Motorcars - all you need to do is begin the ordering process for yours to find out exactly what may be in store.


(Source: Lexani Motorcars, YouTube)