Country Clubs featuring golf courses have been around for ages, providing golfing enthusiasts with a exclusive membership that caters to their lifestyle. But, what about the automotive crowd? Where is the country club for those who want to take the car out, instead of their clubs? It's at Atlanta Motorsports Park. AMP offers a membership that caters to those who own sports cars and want to drive them fast. So, instead of bringing a set of golf clubs to this club, you're only bringing your car and passion for driving fast.
If you think that this country club isn't for you, 75 percent of AMP's membership holders are just your neighbors who own sportscars and want to drive them the way they were meant to be driven, though in a legal manner.

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Other activities that members can partake in range from go-karts, to horseback riding, or enjoying the fitness center, club house, hiking and mountain bike trails.
Having a tough week? Imagine grabbing your helmet, hopping into your car bright and early, and heading out to AMP knowing what the day has in store for you. Unleash your car on the track after setting up in the pit, pedal to the floor, and slam through gears while flying around corners. It's what you deserve. Below are the four membership classes that AMP offers. Please note that all member classes, aside from the Kart/Mini-Moto/Autocross class, apply to cars and motorcycles.
Up to 60 Days Annually Up to 120 Days Annually Up to 180 Days Annually  Up to 120 Days annually
$10,000 Initiation Fee $17,500 Initiation Fee $40,000 Initiation Fee $2,500 Initiation Fee
$200 Monthly Dues $150 Monthly Dues No Monthly Dues for Life $50 Monthly Dues
$30 Daily Use Fee $30 Daily Use Fee No Daily Use Fee for Life $10 Daily Use Fee

To inquire about a membership at AMP or to learn more, be sure to click the button below. To contact AMP, email or call (678)381-8527.

Membership Information

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