If the name Daryl Dixon is familiar to you, it's more than likely that you're a fan of AMC's hit television show "The Walking Dead." Daryl is one of the main characters on the show, often seen wielding a crossbow and his instinct for survival. Recently, in the fifth season, Daryl was seen driving around a new post-apocalyptic motorcycle. Now, you can own this very bike. The bike was crafted by Classified Moto, who built a custom Yamaha XV920R for the actor who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus. When the show was in need of a new bike to for the character, Reedus knew exactly who to call. Shortly thereafter, the creative man behind the show, Scott M. Gimple, and Classified Moto agreed on a new bike to replace Daryl's lost bike.
Classified Moto crafted two of the bikes, which were used for production purposes. According to the company's website, "We've got love for all things post-apocalyptic and have been avid fans of the show from the get-go. So when Scott said he wanted us to build a bike to replace Daryl Dixon’s lost chopper, we thought we had died, then turned, then died again, then gone to heaven."

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The bike is, according to their website, a Level 2 Commission. This includes their front end conversion and full Classified aesthetic treatment. Prices for this type of commission start around $16,000, but can vary depending on variables such as the cost of the donor bike and specific modifications. If you're interested in making this bike yours, be sure to contact Classified Moto to learn more. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead looking for a new bike, Classified Moto can aid you in your search.

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(Source: Classified Moto via HypeBeast.com)

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