Between the trees in Dawsonville, Georgia, Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) aims to provide automotive enthusiasts, both novice and expert, with a place to strengthen their driving abilities. Whether you are just learning to drive or want to learn the finer points of race car driving, you can do it all here.
AMP offers a variety of levels, from teen programs, to basic driver training, to beginner's racing training and advanced courses to take skills to the expert level. For teens who are getting behind a wheel for the first time, AMP has the AMP Street Smarts Teen Driving School. Through this course, participants learn how to sharpen their driving skill and improve their handling under a number of various road conditions. This is made possible through their new "Ice Hill"and Low Friction Area, which simulate some of the worst road conditions. The Ice Hill is the first of its kind in the United States. If you are someone looking todrive like a pro, there is nothing better than AMP's Performance Driving Academy. The courses in the academy's program are designed to improve a driver's skills, whether newly licensed, fresh from the teen program or have years of experience behind the wheel of a car. The world class driving instructors take participants through exercises that teach braking/slalom, line technique and sector training. By then end of one of these sessions, drivers walk away feeling more confident and comfortable on the track.
However, AMP offers more than just driving courses. They also offer activities that range from go-karts, to horseback riding, or enjoying the fitness center, club house, hiking and mountain bike trails. For those who want to take their car on the track for a good ol' fashioned track day, AMP offers memberships that allow you to both test your car on the track and take advantage of the activities listed above. For more information, including location, services and more, be sure to click the button below.


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