BXR Motors is a startup company developed by Neal Bailey, who began with a vision: the dream of turning his own childhood sketches into a reality. The dream has been realized in 2015. Neal and his team at BXR Motors have developed the Bailey Blade XTR and GT1 Super Muscle Car. The Blade is a new All-American track car designed for competitive racing with the luxuries of an exotic road car.
BXR Motors is offering two models. The Blade GT1 is the company’s performance race car featuring a Stage 4 Fully-Integrated Roll Chassis. The GT1 has a 750 hp 5.0L Twin-Turbo V8 engine with body material made of modern, lightweight composites. Weight is very important, so BXR has managed to keep the it between 2,400 lbs and 2,600 lbs depending on the seected options. Base pricing starts at $155,000. The Blade XTR offers the same lightweight, high-performance characteristics of the GT1 racecar, but is designed as a luxury road vehicle. It offers aggressive performance and elegant styling. The interior is luxurious, and can be made of exotic leathers or customer-requested materials. The sport seats give you excellent support for track use and comfort for everyday driving.
BXR Motors classifies the Blade XTR as a Super Muscle Car that gives you both the performance you would expect from a supercar and the aggressive, raw nature of a classic muscle car. The styling is curvaceous and muscular, givingt the Blade its unique, edgy look.

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Like the Blade GT1, the XTR uses the same space-frame chassis technology and fully-integrated roll cage with the exception of fixed door bars. The XTR has unlimited performance potential with bonuses like Active Suspension and Active-Aero Technology. Base pricing for the XTR starts at $185,000. Both models come with a 3-year/35,000 mile Limited Warranty and the exclusivity of being one of 351 Blades planned for production. For more information: Phone: (682) 710-2377 Email: sales@bxrmotors.com Web: www.BXRMotors.com


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