Earlier today, Mercedes-Benz of Tampa took delivery of one of the first S550 coupes in the country. At first glance, this is a big car. Careful styling in critical areas, such as the rocker panels and rear quarters, does a great job of downplaying the enormity, but the coupe evokes a sense of purpose not found on lesser models. Ordered with every option, this limited “Edition 1” model features Swarovski crystals in the headlights and a piano black interior trim.  A designo exterior in graphite metallic had been hand buffed at the factory for a flawless clear coat. The interior is awash in Bengal red and black leather, while a halo of alcantara surrounds the Magic Sky panoramic roof. Its opacity is variable and provides a great way to control how much sunlight gets in.

Rear legroom, usually the killer of coupe sales, is more than adequate for adults. The rear seats are divided by a center console offering two 12v ports for charging. A new flat-bottomed steering wheel replaces the odd two-spoke tiller of the sedan. For entertainment, every available interior surface is occupied by a Burmester speaker. Even the spare tire well features a 10” subwoofer and amplifier.

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Our favorite features of the sedan have made the jump also. Inside the glove box is the fragrance atomizer, which dispenses concentrated perfume into the duct-work. Ambient lighting along the upper dash and door panels can produce any color imaginable. Heated door panels and shiatsu massaging seats provide an unmatched level of luxury.

Motivation is from the same twin turbo 4.7L V8 found in the sedan, routing power to all wheels via the 4Matic all wheel drive system. This level of power to all wheels makes for almost violent acceleration. In the rear wheel drive sedan, flooring the accelerator spins the rear tires forcing the computer to end the party and kill the power. This coupe sends supercar torque to all wheels and no hint of electronic nannies could be noticed.  A quick romp to 30 had us backing off the throttle due to the g-forces induced. This is the proper two door version of the Sonderklasse. Fit and finish are among the best we have seen, and now we must somehow wait patiently for the S63 and S65 versions later next year. Pricing has yet to be released, but for more info contact Mercedes-Benz of Tampa at: MBofTampaBay.com.

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