Lamborghini Miami is not your average Lamborghini dealership. Not only are they a go-to destination for the world’s most sought after exotic cars, they also pride themselves on “doing things a little different.” For example, Lamborghini Miami has shocked the world with their extreme automotive marketing tactics and unique projects like the Land, Air and Sea Project; Project AU79; and the Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo;  and now, Lamborghini Miami is at it again. The North Miami-Beach-based dealership has collaborated with world-renowned artist Duaiv to turn a half-million dollar Lamborghini Aventador Roadster into a blank canvas for his artistic stylings, which is known as “Project Duaiv.” In a recent interview with Brett David, CEO of Lamborghini Miami and Prestige Imports, we learned more about the Project Duaiv. Born in France in 1952, Duaiv has traveled the world as a classical musician and accomplished painter.  He is a colorful man with hair that matches hues of his full spectrum art that he creates using cans of paint rather than tubes.  His tools to produce these imaginative masterpieces include various sizes of palette knives, tiny brushes and even his fingers. Duaiv came to Lamborghini Miami in an artistically wrapped Ferrari but his wish was to transpose one of his paintings and bring it to life on his ultimate dream car, the most radical piece of performing art: a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.  He certainly came to the right place. They delivered the car to Duaiv and his family, at the showroom with the original painting on display next to the car for a photo shoot, making this world renowned artist’s dream a reality.
This 2015 Aventador Roadster has not only been customized with a one-off wrap, but also a Novitec rear spoiler. This spoiler alone gives the car an even more unique appearance over stock models. Unveiled in November 2012, the Aventador Roadster is fitted with the same 6.5-liter V12 found in the coupe version. When the engine's 690 hp and 507 lb-ft is put to work, the Roadster will sprint from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and top out at 217 mph.

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Making this car a Roadster are the two carbon fiber panels. Each weighs 13 lbs each and can be stored in the front boot space. When Lamborghini's engineers were developing the Roadster's roof system, they reinforced the necessary parts of the car to ensure the torsion resistance is not affected. Even though the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is a special vehicle in itself, this art car by Duaiv extends the artistic vision used by Lamborghini designers with a colorful French perspective. To see more incredible Lamborghinis for sale, be sure to visit Lamborghini Miami's showroom in North Miami Beach, Florida. Lamborghini Miami is a division of Prestige Imports, an iconic South Florida dealership with over 35 years of experience. With a knowledgeable staff and vast selection of fine automobile, these dealerships have seen and will continue to see great success in the future.


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