Horacio Pagani with one of the famous bolts. (Source: MotorTrend)
For an everyday repairman, bolts are a dime a dozen. They are used in construction and repairs every day, and are pretty darn cheap. One quick look on Amazon.com shows a 347pc set of steel bolts and washer selling for $10.80. What a bargain, right? So, now that you know the price of a 347pc set of steel bolts, how much do you think a single Pagani Huayra bolt costs? Mind you, there are 1,400 bolts throughout the entire car as well. First, you have to consider that each of them are handcrafted from grade-7 titanium, and every single one of them has the Pagani logo etched on them. Horacio Pagani went to extreme lengths to make sure every component of this hypercar was of the highest quality, even down to the nuts and bolts.
So lets look at the facts; each bolt is worth $80 (8 times more than a 347pc set of steel bolts) and the car is assembled with 1,400 bolts. That means that the cost of the entire bolt set used in the Pagani Huayra comes out to a staggering $112,000. Yes, you read that correctly. For the same price of the Huayra's bolt set, you could buy a used Ferrari 575 M Maranello.