3-D Printed Car: Strong As Steel, Half the Weight

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Photo: Sara Payne


3-D printing has allowed digital designers to bring their creations to the real world. From figurines, to parts for a machine, the possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. One man  who is letting his imagination run wild is Jim Kor.

His dream is the Urbee 2, and its a car made from 3-D printed parts. Why would someone create a car from a printer when you could just weld one together? First off, welding is very time consuming. Secondly, this printing technique allows Kor to create a car that is extraordinarily light (1,200lbs) and as sturdy as any car you see on the street. He is able to create the lightweight polymer pieces however he chooses, adding thickness and rigidity to certain areas where it is needed.

Jim Kor and a design model | Photo: Sara Payne

However, the engine will not be made of plastic and will be a metal hybrid engine. They are not sure which engine they will choose, but the prototype they are about to finish will produce a maximum of 10 hp. Speeds from zero to 40 mph will be accomplished thanks to a 36-volt electric motor. When the driver asks for more power, they will tap into the engine.

Kor says that he wants the car to be able to pass tech inspection required at LeMans, which is not an easy task. When he does create a car this safe from a printer, modern car manufacturers are going to have to reevaluate their safety standards, because this is absolutely groundbreaking.

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There are already 14 orders for the car, which is going to cost around $50,000.


(Source: WIRED)