Chevy Unveils the New 2019 Silverado Truck
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Chevy Unveils the New 2019 Silverado Truck

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To celebrate a century of pickup trucks, Chevrolet introduced the 2019 Silverado on Friday. A press release over the weekend reminds us that their first trucks were released in January of 1918. The new trucks arrived at the Detroit Auto Show with less weight and more capabilities.

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The first innovation was made possible for aluminum body panels. The hood, doors and tailgate are made of a high-strength alloy while all fixed body panels are steel. Cargo space in the bed is much improved, with the ability to haul 4’x8′ sheets flat between the wheel wells. Owners are also treated to a dozen tie-downs points. Bed floor width has been increased by 7″, which allows for 63 cubic feet of volume. Oh, and these specs are for the short bed, so the long bed is going to be cavernous.

High-strength steel now comprises 80% of the frame. Thinner yet stronger than cheaper steels are a great way to decrease weight, the next area was the suspension. The front control arms are now forged aluminum, and the secondary rear springs are carbon fiber. Changes under the hood include a wider availability of the 10-speed automatic and a new 3.0 liter straight six diesel! Inline engines are great for torque and efficiency, so expect all the details when they become available. Stay with us for more coverage of the Detroit show and all your Chevy news

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