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2018 Bentley Continental Supersports Confirmed

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Often times we are asked: “Of all the cars you have driven, which one would you choose for a daily driver?” My response is always the Bentley Continental Supersports. The response often causes people to remember the short lived model and wonder why I love it. Bentley have been building the Continental in roughly the same shape and configuration since 2003. Comfortable and classy, the easily recognizable design won’t provoke the same reactions as a flashy supercar. A Continental is a polite and unassuming way to pay a little more for a much better automobile.

Starting on the inside, every surface or control is substantial. Machined metal and hand stitched leather are not only built to last, they are relaxing after a long day. The coupe is a real hardtop with no pillar between the front windows and the quarter glass. Federal side impact and rollover standard have nearly eliminated this body style because it requires much more reinforcement in the quarter panels and doors. With all four windows down, it almost feels like a convertible. If you are looking for a drop-top the GTC is worthy of consideration.

Back to why I would daily drive a Bentley: Supersports. Built from 2009 to 2013, the ultimate sleeper delivers 621 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque….Sent to a Torsen center differential, the AWD beast launches with the force of an ACME rocket. Built before turbos handed over all their functions to computers, brake-boosting the Bentley results in a jump to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Acceleration out of the hole is one thing, but even from a rolling start above legal speeds it will scare you. Built in limited numbers, they originally had an MSRP close to $300,000. Many have wondered why the model was discontinued, but it will be making a return in the near future.

Bentley has released the specs and images of the 2018 Continental Supersports, and it is almost unbelievable. Turbo technology has made great advances since 2013, so the new W12 engine produces 700 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque. Zero to sixty has been shaved to 3.4 seconds as long as you have race fuel (above 98 octane) and sticky tires. Extensive use of carbon fiber has trimmed around 200 lbs of weight from the body, so the gross vehicle rating of only 6,063 lbs. But if you don’t want to wait for the new model, our dealers have amazing deals on the first generation cars. Stay with us for all your Bentley news and check out the listings in the link below.

Bentley Continental Supersports For Sale