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2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo Price Unveiled

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A decade of dominance is cause for celebration. Nissan’s GT-R has been with us for ten years, and for 2017 the NISMO edition will receive a few exclusive upgrades. The engine now makes 100 hp per cylinder from only 3.8 liters. Twin turbochargers are used to deliver 600 hp and 418 lb-ft to all wheels via a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. A new titanium exhaust system allows the turbines to spin up earlier than the Premium edition. Other goodies only found on the NISMO edition include a new hood and “V motion” grille along with a dry carbon rear spoiler.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO’s front end features a freshened face highlighted by an aggressive new fascia. To help cool the car’s high-output engine, the dark chrome “V-motion” grille has been enlarged to collect more air, without diminishing the car’s aerodynamic performance. A new significantly reinforced hood avoids deformation at extremely high speeds, allowing it to keep its aerodynamic shape. Unlike the standard model, the front bumper of the GT-R NISMO – crafted with Takumi-like precision – feature layers of carbon-fiber sheets carefully overlapped to achieve the ideal amount of stiffness.

A new 8″ screen allows the number of switches to be reduced to 11 from 27. Premium models have more Alcantara on the inside while NISMO editions have leather wrapped Recaro seating. For better handling Nissan has strengthened the car’s unibody by adding more bonding adhesive between the panels. Spot welding is giving way to full length panel adhesion these days, and it can be seen in the aftermarket also. The new Premium edition will set you back $109,990, and the NISMO starts at $174,990. The GT-R offers something for everyone, so please check out the listings from our dealers below and stay with us for all Nissan news.

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