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New 2017 Ford Raptor’s Suspension In Serious Action

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Bigger is better when it comes to shock absorbers. So for the 2nd generation of the Raptor, Ford renewed their collaboration with FOX racing. The off-road masters who developed the suspension on the original Raptor have returned with massive 3″ diameter shocks. With two extra inches of travel, these new units offer more agility over rough terrain along with a more comfortable ride on the street.

2017 Ford Raptor Suspension

On the original Raptor, Ford underestimated how much their owners enjoyed going airborne. To protect the system on big jumps the new units have built-in hydraulic cushions when fully extended. Approach and departure angles for the new Raptor are much improved which will allow the truck to tackle larger obstacles. The new Raptor also benefits from Ford’s aluminum body construction since it has less weight to deal with. We’re waiting to get our hands on one to see how it performs in Florida swamps, so get ready for a muddy adventure.

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