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Lincoln Unveils Gullwinged Navigator Concept

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Lincoln’s Navigator was the first Luxury SUV, and it plotted a course that competitors have tried to follow. A press release and new website explain the motivation and engineering behind this new model.

On the outside, the most obvious feature are the large gull wing doors. Before Mr. Musk tweets about being first with the Tesla Model X, take into consideration that Lincoln is offering access to four seats simultaneously. The sleek body is shaved of exterior handles for a smooth & flowing appearance. Designers were influenced by yachting and sailboats, and the press photos taken along a windswept beach make the Storm Blue paint appear flawless.

lincoln-navigator-concept-32316 (6)

As the doors swing upward, you are greeted by powered running boards. And these multi-level Concertina steps retract into the rocker panels leaving no external clues to their existence. Six examples of Lincoln’s patented “Perfect Position” seats offer 30 individual movements to cradle you in luxury. Behind the third row is a wardrobe management system. It looks ready for a day on the water; Sperrys and Ray Bans are hopefully standard equipment.

If you need to get to the docks in a hurry, 400 hp will be at your disposal. A version of the latest EcoBoost twin turbo 3.5L V6 and All Wheel Drive allow the Navigator to lead the way for efficiency in the large luxury SUV marketplace. Last year’s Continental Concept is heading to production with almost all the innovative features we told you about, so we hope this Navigator doesn’t get lost on the way to dealer showrooms. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more Lincoln news.

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