2015 Vencer Sarthe Production Model Unveiled

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In a press release issued yesterday, Sept. 18, Dutch automaker Vencer unveiled the production version of their new model: the Vencer Sarthe. Named after the Circuit dela Sarthe in France, Vencer incorporated details into the Sarthe that serve as a subtle tribute to the sports cars from the Le Mans era that raced on the French track during the 1990s.

There are a few new exterior changes made to the production model. A new quarter glass design, open air-flow C-pillars, a new engine cover, aerodynamic front splitters and an automatic rear wing are the most notable of the changes.



Inside, the interior is simple and clean, thanks to Vencer’s minimalist approach that forces the driver to focus on the road ahead. The highlight of the interior is the Central Information System that was developed by Vencer. This digital system displays all critical information. A stylish and functional addition to the interior is the in-house produced carbon fiber interior panels that save weight and add to the sporty atmosphere.

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Powering the Sarthe is the new Vencer 6.3-liter V63SC engine. This supercharged V8 engine boasts 622 bhp and 618 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mounted deep into the chassis, ensuring a low center of gravity for high lateral acceleration and better handling.

The price set for the Vencer Sarthe sell at is €270,882, approximately $348,000 USD. This amount does not include taxes or shipping costs.







(Source: Vencer)