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2012 RUF CTR3 Clubsport For Sale

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What started as a gas station and service garage in 1939 has evolved into a dominant force in German car industry. Taking Porsches well beyond sensible limits, their CTR “Yellowbird”  went 211 mph in 1989. The acronym stands for Group C, Turbo Ruf, and it leaves factory production models in the dust.

Building the cars by hand, production numbers have always been limited to ensure quality. But we found a car that stands apart from their regular builds. Fans of Formula1 racing might recognize venture capitalist Gerard Lopez as the head of Team Lotus. In 2011 his plan was to purchase a majority stake in the company from Alois Ruf, and this CTR was commissioned for that event. Showcasing every ability of the company, this 2012 CTR3 Clubsport is a work of art.

This is the 3rd generation of the CTR, and it was the first body designed and built by Ruf. All previous models were based on Porsche bodies which they received directly from the factory. Somehow they are able to extract 777 hp and 723 lb-ft from a 3.8L flat six, and it is fully DOT and EPA certified.

Gerard only put 1,183 miles on the car before it went back to the factory to receive wider Michelin tires and upgraded Alpine audio. The entire front end is covered in a clear bra, and the engine computer has been remapped to run on US ethanol diluted 93 pump gas. Every option was included, so you will receive all books along with car cover, two keys, two sets of seat bolsters for racing, and the ability to run down every car on the street.

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