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World’s Fastest Hyperbike (Kawasaki H2R) vs Veyron, 12C and 1,350 hp GT-R

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Super Street recently got their hands on the first ever Kawasaki H2R in the United States, and they certainly put it to good use. At an airstrip event, they pitted this hyperbike against a McLaren 12C, a a 1,350 hp Nissan GT-R and aBugatti Veyron with a 1,200 Super Sport tune.

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Here’s a little background information on the H2R: it comes with a $50,000 price tag, is powered by a liquid-cooled supercharged inline-four- engine, can produce 300 hp and only weighs 476 lbs. That power to weight ratio makes this the fastest production hyperbike ever, according to Super Street‘s article published on May 18.

Below are the races in the order that they happened. Check them out the videos to see the winner of each and get ready to have your mind blown.

Race 1: H2R vs 12C

Trap Speed: H2R – 192 mph, 12C – 162 mph

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Race 2:

H2R vs. Bugatti Veyron

Trap Speed: H2R – 194.5 mph, Veyron – 180 mph

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Race 3: H2R vs 1,350 hp Nissan GT-R

Trap Speed: H2R – 204 mph, GT-R – 208 mph

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As you can see, the H2R handled the competition quite well, beating the 12C and Veyron, but barely losing to the GT-R. But, to be fair, that was no ordinary GT-R.

It’s nice to see some two-wheel competition for our favorite cars out on the streets. Stay with us for more videos just like this.

(Source: Super Street, YouTube)

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