Going Where No Bike Has Gone Before: Surfing on Dirtbike in Tahiti

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Robbie Maddison, an Australian dirtbike stunt rider, recently went surfing on a modified dirtbike. Yes, you read that correctly: he surfed a wave on a two-wheeled vehicle that was never meant to ride across water. What’s more, he did it in Tahiti, home to some of nastiest waves in the world.

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The bike he’s riding was specially modified with new tires and special plates that allow him to glide across the water. Starting off from the beach, he makes his way out to the breaking waves, where he finally gets to surf down the face of a wave. What’s scary to think about is if he slows down or stops at any point in time, his bike is going down. This is one serious stunt.

Check out the video below, uploaded by DC Shoes on August 2, to see it all happen.

(Source: YouTube, DC Shoes)

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