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Ryno Microcycle is a New Take on the Cycle

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Last year, the buzz around the office was the Segway, which was needed by every corporate leader to make their way around their large buildings. This year, it’s the Ryno Microcycle which, put simply, is a rear motorcycle wheel stabilized with ryde-ex technology capable of traveling in the office or the sidewalks.

The Ryno is thought to be a thing of the future, offering an adjustable seat, electronically leveled handlebars and two high output SLA batteries which are mounted inside the wheel. What’s even more impressive, those handlebars are really just for comfort, you accelerate up to 10 mph by leaning forward, brake by leaning back and steering is as simple as tilting left or right. This sharp looking toy is available for pre-order now, and is running for just $5,300.00.

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(Source: RYNO Motors)