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Lazareth Wazuma V8M – a V8-Powered Trike

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French manufacturer Lazareth has just surprised the world with the new Wazuma V8M, a V8-powered trike.

Introduced today, this new trike was inspired by the LM847 that was introduced a year ago. Instead of riding on two wheels, the Wazuma V8M is a trike with two wheels up front and two in the rear that are housed very close together. So, it’s technically not a trike, but the appearance definitely is that of one.

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Powering the Wazuma V8M is a massive 4.7-liter V8 engine. Alright, so that’s not a truly massive engine, it’s big when considering it’s powering a trike. The engine has 460 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque at the ready, an insane amount for a trike. Housing the engine is a body comprised of carbon fiber, leather and Lacantara Lelievre Paris.