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Lazareth LM 847: Maserati Engine-Powered Motorcycle

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At the duPont REGISTRY, we like the idea of shoving the largest engine into the lightest possible vehicle. If motorcycles are your passion, let us amaze you with one of the most powerful bikes we have seen.

Maserati For Sale

Lazareth Motoring is a French/Swiss company that just unveiled their new LM 847. The name is a reference to its power: eight cylinders and 4.7L of displacement. You read that correctly. Just ahead of the seat lies a Maserati V8, sourced directly from the GranTurismo. Because it makes 470 hp, there’s no need to shift gears. Who needs a transmission anyway? In lieu of a gearbox, a hydraulic coupling rations 457 lb-ft of torque to the dual rear chains.

lazareth-lm847-3216 (6)

Flanking the cylinder heads are stainless headers that are obviously hand fabricated. They are almost a mirror image side to side, adding to the symmetry found everywhere on this machine. With a dry weight under 900 lbs, it has a better power to weight ratio than a cruise missile. Brakes are equally as capable with 16.5″ rotors up front. Michelin Power Cup Evo tires are among the best in the world, but the rears would evaporate in a few hours if we had a chance to ride.

If you value the sound and power of a screaming Italian V8 with the wind in your face, Lazareth has your next ride.