Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

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Gas prices are on the rise and more individuals than ever before are resulting to hybrids, electric cars and motorcycles to lend a hand toward reducing emissions. But one company, Johammer, has decided to bring the world of two wheeled performance to new levels with the J1 Electric Motorcycle. According to Johammer’s website, the new motorcycle will embody a blend of innovative digital technology, efficiency and two wheeled performance motorcycles.

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The bike is powered by a cutting edge 11kW battery that is lightweight and quickly recharges. Power is transferred through an electric gear and controls that are located directly on the rear wheel and require absolutely no maintenance. The frame may look like an ordinary aluminum structure, but inside its center you will find a spring-damper and battery pack. The result is a smoother ride and greater stability.


The J1 is equipped with a number of other features, such as a twofold frame-profile wing, a control assisting foot-peg and multifunction rearview mirrors. The mirrors not only display an entire 180ᵒ view of what’s behind you but also provides relative information, including your speed and remaining battery life, on a small display.

The electric motorcycle has the ability to reach up to 93 miles on one charge with an electronically limited top speed of 75 mph. With a low charging time of just one hour it’s even more convenient than most electric scooters. And if that isn’t enough for you then you can upgrade from the J1.150 to the J1.200 for increased travel length and improved performance.

You can purchase your own in your choice of five different colors for just €23,000 and be on the road in no time. Follow the link below to learn more and to contact Johammer.


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