The FMW Metal Slug

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Based on the already impeccable Norton Commando 961, the FMW Metal Slug is a highly modified motorcycle with a full aluminum body to fits its name. Thanks to the lightweight metal that comprises the body, the Metal Slug is incredibly light and durable.

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The differences between this bike and its original form are outstanding; FMW has the levels of customization, in percentages, listed on their website. The appearance of the bike is 70 percent customized, looking far different from the base Commando 961. The change in appearance is due to a superstructure that is 80 percent customized with an all-new aluminum full body, tank, tail, tool holder, chain guard, air bod, fenders and saddle, all crafted by FMW.

FMW also says that the 961cc parallel twin-engine found from the Commando has been tweaked 60 percent, including a new 2-in-1 Artisan exhaust system made in-house and visual modifications. Also, 90 percent of the bike’s chassis has been customized. Needless to say, the FMW Metal Slug is a new bike in its own right.



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