Ducati draXter Concept Bike of the Future

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At the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Ducati unveiled a new concept bike called the draXter. According to a press release from the motorcycle manufacturer, this concept is an interpretation of the “XDiavel world from a sports viewpoint.”

Taking charge of the bike’s development was the Ducati Design Center’s Advanced Design area (even the name sounds advanced). This portion of the company handles the exploration of future style and design concepts for Ducati motorcycles.


The draXter started its life off as a standard production XDiavel, but the designers and production team turned it into a bike that has the heart “of an extreme dragster with premium racing componentry.” For example, the suspension and brakes were borrowed right from the Panigale Superbike.

And that “90” on the side? You may think it’s just a hint at its racing pedigree, but it also is intended to celebrate Ducati’s 90th anniversary, which is this year. It’s amazing to see a bike manufacturer that is almost a century old still pushing the boundaries for design and engineering.

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