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Alfa Romeo Spirito Motorcycle Concept

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Alfa Romeo is not necessarily known for creating motorcycles, but why shouldn’t they be? That is why CG Artist Mehmet Doruk Erdem created the Alfo Romeo Spirito.


This concept motorcycle is his vision of what he thinks could be Alfa Romeo’s new motorcycle. Its design looks as though it was pulled out of the famous Japanese animated film “Akira.” The front end of the bike is long and sleek, meaning the rider would have to lean forward quite a bit. But, this is all for the sake of aerodynamics, which this bike would be well tuned for.

And, with that long front end, there is plenty of room for a large engine. Maybe the 4C‘s turbocharged inline-four?

Of course, this is simply a rendering, but we cannot help but be taken aback by the vision held within this rendering.

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