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Akrapovič Full Moon Concept

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Most enthusiasts associate Akrapovič with exotic titanium exhausts found on supercars, but they also have a history of two-wheeled performance parts. Back in 2011 they built the Morsus. Partnering with Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles, it featured 26” carbon fiber wheels and a big 1,852 cc Knucklehead from S&S. The carefully tuned & mandrel curved Akrapovič exhausts allowed it to crank out 114 horsepower to an incredibly light chassis.


We thought this was the ultimate combination of motorcycle art & engineering until now. In a press release dated December 6th, Akrapovič announced their latest creation. The Full Moon Concept has a 30” carbon fiber & alloy front wheel with a carbon ceramic brake rotor only a few inches smaller. With the lower frame this close to the ground; a hydraulic suspension adjusts ride height once the rider is seated.

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The flowing arch of the frame accentuates the classic Harley nature of the 1,542cc S&S Knucklehead. This is more displacement than the 1.5L Ford Fusion, with half the number of cylinders. Having the rear body as one piece took over 800 man-hours to complete and draws turbulent air down to the leviathan exhausts. Akrapovič’s old world artisans have sent every other bike builder back to the drawing boards. We are curious what a 94” Knucklehead sounds like though twin titanium tuned pipes, so stay tuned to Autofluence for Akrapovič updates and hopefully a


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