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Revealed: The Armoured Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard

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What you’re looking at is the first civilian vehicle “certified with the highest ballistic protection level.” So what exactly does that mean? This Maybach is both bullet and blast proof up to the highest, non-military standards. According to a Daimler press release, the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard has the ability to take fire from am assault rifle with steel core bullets.

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard

The new vehicle offers the protection that high profile riders might need, without compromising the comfort and class Mercedes is known for or the exclusivity that gives Maybach the prestige for which it is known. The S 600 Guard offers the esteemed Maybach 6.0-liter V12 bi-turbo.


A special grade steel fills the gaps and cavities in the body and outer skin of the vehicle. The windows, which have been coated in polycarbonate, deter splintering and protect against gunfire.

To protect against explosives, the vehicle also includes underbody armoring.

The  Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard will cost €470,000 with VAT in addition which translates to roughly $517,000 plus tax. So for half a million, the esteemed Maybach with incredible protection, could be yours.

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