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RENNtech E63 AMG Performance and Aerodynamic Upgrade Program

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Presented by RENNtech

A wolf in sheep’s clothing best describes this particular E63 Wagon, owned by Vossen Wheels. The sweeping body lines and stylish exterior tend to make you forget what lurks beneath the refined body panels. Enter RENNtech, a company who has turned heads and turned up Mercedes-Benz performance numbers for over 25 years. RENNtech took the latest generation E63 and truly sharpened the teeth on Mercedes latest midsized beast.

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RENNtech’s tuning suite for the current generation E-Class features a host of under hood and exterior styling options. Their performance upgrades and fully functional aerodynamic components were all designed and engineered in-house at RENNtech’s North American Headquarters, but product refinement and real world testing were performed on the racetrack in Germany at RENNtech’s Development Center located at the Nürburgring. Here, RENNtech runs the E-Class through the crucible on one of Europe’s toughest and most fabled race circuits.

The E63 gets the RENNtech exterior treatment by way of an aggressive front splitter with fully integrated and enlarged air intakes, a functional underbody rear diffuser, and a stylish rear tailgate spoiler. Each piece is constructed from the highest quality, pre-preg carbon fiber. Pre-preg carbon is substantially stronger and has a more consistent weave than other carbon products on the market which are normally constructed using a wet layup or infusion manufacturing process. Each E63 aero component is perfect as a stand-alone piece, but they were purposely designed to work in complete harmony with one another. The full aero package improves overall airflow, reduces drag and allows for greater downforce. This helps to control air flow from the leading edge of the vehicle until it exits at the trailing tip. RENNtech’s relentless testing and development ensure the E-Class cuts through the air like a knife and offers not only stand-out from the crowd good looks, but truly functional performance.

Under the hood, RENNtech offers numerous performance upgrades including engine tuning software, intercooler systems, drive line components, complete exhaust systems and turbocharger upgrades to ensure the E63 is a fast as it looks. Performance is taken to near stratospheric numbers with the E63 producing over 850 Horsepower and 950 lb/ft of torque! RENNtech offers a wide range of performance upgrades to suit every individual. Visit RENNtech at to see their complete line of performance products for your vehicle.

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