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New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Models Set to Feature New Tech

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They may have just released final pricing for the 2016 models on June 15, but development of the 2017 models from Mercedes-Benz is already well under way and preparing for the public.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W 212) 2015, new Infotainment system
2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Infotainment system

Though it’s not a fully autonomous vehicle yet, the fifth generation E-Class models are set to have the most driver’s assist offerings to date. From Intelligent Drive next Level, to Remote Parking Pilot and Digital Car Key, the E-Class is becoming the saloon of the 22nd century. May 11 reports from World Car Fans indicate that it this new take on the E-Class, officially its fifth generation, will be introduced in January at the 2016 North American International Auto Show.

Below is a quick breakdown of the major features you can expect to see when these go on sale in spring 2016.

Intelligent Drive next Level:

With this function, the car essentially drives itself by maintaining a safe distance behind the car in front of you and by following that car in its lane. When Speed Limit Pilot is active, this function will take into account any speed limits that the camera sees posted along the road, and navigates roadways with or without visible lanes. Essentially, it brakes, accelerates, steers and follows the laws for you.

Active Brake Assist:

This function warns you when a crash is about to happen by sensing when cars in front of you are slowing or stopped, when pedestrians are in the way or when traffic is coming through an intersection ahead of you. It adds extra braking power when you react, or reacts by braking for you in case of an emergency.

Evasive Steering Assist:

This works in conjunction with the Active Brake Assist. When you are warned of a crash and perform evasive steering, this function calculates steering torque to perfectly support the movement of the  steering wheel. This makes sure you evade swiftly and smoothly, and straighten back out quickly.

Mercedes-Benz E 400 Hybrid (W212) 2014, US-Version
Mercedes-Benz E 400 Hybrid (W212) 2014, US-Version

Remote Parking Pilot:

The best option ever when parking in public spaces. An app on your phone controls the car as it pulls into and out of a parking space, meaning you’ll never have to squeeze out while trying not to hit the car next to you with your door. Unfortunately, this won’t be available for the US when it launches.

Car-to-X Communication:

Through the incorporation of mobile phone connectivity, car-to-car networking allows vehicles on the road to “communicate” with each other, sending information updates about potential hazards down the road long before your vehicle’s camera systems would discover them on their own.

Mercedes-Benz E 400 Hybrid (W212) 2014, US-Version
Mercedes-Benz E 400 Hybrid (W212) 2014, US-Version

Digital Car Key:

Ditch the key ring in favor of your cell phone, because with this function that’s all you’ll need to lock, unlock and start your car.


Few details are available about how it does so, but this feature acts to protect passengers’ ears in case of an accident by somehow buffering the anticipated loud noise.


A combination of 84 individually activated, high-performance LED bulbs light the roadway without blinding those ahead of you.

Through the inclusion of these new features, Mercedes-Benz hopes to further improve safety, comfort and enjoyment while drivers are on the road. The marque has always been at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry, and next year’s E-Class is no exception. Stay with us to learn more about this futuristic model as it is released, or find one with some more traditional features from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Mercedes-Benz, World Car Fans)

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