Mercedes-Benz Unveils New 2019 G-Class Interior
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Mercedes-Benz Unveils New 2019 G-Class Interior

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It seems like automakers change their core products every few years to keep them appealing in the marketplace. But change can be unsettling when it comes to a dedicated clientele. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has only updated their Geländewagen only a few times since it was introduced in ’79,

Spy shots of the new G-Class are hilarious because of the camouflage. Anyone with eyes can tell what it is. The unmistakable box on wheels is getting a well-needed facelift, and the interior will finally come into the 21st century.

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A press release early this morning includes jaw-dropping photos of the new cockpit. Two large displays are borrowed from the S-Class, and below the central screen are the three iconic controls that will never be used. Between the jet engine-inspired vents are the triplet of differential locks. The only production SUV to have 3 locking diffs, it’s nice to know you can climb a mountain if needed.

A new steering wheel incorporates two touch-sensitive buttons that respond to swipes like the screen of a phone.  The center console has the same control pad as all other models, and it is flanked by shortcut keys that will keep your eyes on the road.

The G-Class and the Unimog are among the few Mercedes-Benz models to be made of steel and to have a traditional body-on-frame design. That is why they aren’t built alongside the other models. Production is done by skilled masters at a dedicated plant in Graz, Austria. Their proving grounds is known as the Schöckl, one of the tallest mountains near the factory. It inspired the 6×6 and the 4×4 Squared to take on the world. A silver badge showing the mountain in the background is a matter of pride for the workers, and it is showcased on the B-pillar for everyone to see.

We are very intrigued by these photos, so as soon as the new G-Wagens arrive you will see a complete review here on Autofluence.

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